Progetti e Case is a registered property agency based in Sarzana, in the Magra Valley, on the border with La Lunigiana, la Versilia and the famous “Cinque Terre”.

The area is rich in natural and cultural beauty, with old churches, medieval hamlets, ancient castles, breathtaking views across river valleys and ancient terraced hillscapes, to beautiful views of the Ligurian coast, the Apennine mountains and the dramatic peaks of the Apuan Alps.

Progetti e Case can guide you through your initial enquiry to the completion of your purchase, we are at your side, promptly dealing with any questions and assistance you may need regarding the sale.

Our team of English and Italian staff provide a complete service for our clients from the initial enquiry and the buying process through to complete 'turn-key' restoration and ongoing management of your dream Italian home.

So why not come and visit us .... whether you are looking for a holiday home, an investment property or for a quiet and beautiful place to move to.

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